Francesco di Paola Nuzzo

He was born at Mesagne and lives in Rome.
Breeder member of the E.N.C.I (Italian Kennel Club), set designer, breeder to follow his passion, he breeds chihuahuas since 1998 and griffons since 2003 with the "Music Velvet" kennel name. He achieved considerable success with his dogs in the show rings of Italy, Europe and overseas.
He is a national member of the C.C.C.'s committee (Club Cani Compagnia, the E.N.C.I. approved club for group IX which includes breeds from both Toy and Utility/Non Sporting groups) since 2008, he is a founding and active member of the Kennel Club Colosseo ( Roman canine association in charge of the international dog show in Rome) since 2001 where, at present, he holds the position of Secretary.
He already is a member of the committee of the C.C.C.'s Division 4 – Chihuahua and a member of the Breeding Technical Committee for the breeds protected by the C.C.C..

He wrote many technical articles about the Chihuahua breed and about the three Griffon varieties both for the breed club and for specialized breed magazines. Recently he finished the training process to become an E.N.C.I. judge approved to judge Chihuahuas and he is now working on being approved to judge other breeds.